Videos – Sights and Sounds for Seniors

Sound and images can be very helpful in prompting sensory memories and are also useful for starting conversations. They can also encourage the viewer to experience some of the feelings associated with going out and about on a journey, but from the safety of their computer or tablet device / iPad.

On this page there are a number of videos that are grouped around various themes. These complement the Senior Fiction books and can be helpful to set the mood before and after reading. Videos are also useful if you are reading books as part of Reader Group. They do not exactly relate to specific senes in those books, but are similar in nature or setting to some of them.

Helpful tip: Remember these videos can be easily paused (space bar) or rewound (left cursor).

Remember it is okay just to comment on something looking nice or being fun. Conversations don’t have to be driven by always asking questions, but can be simply talking about what can be seen or heard.

A Colorful Food Market

Sights and sounds of an indoor food market in Spain. People drinking wine and choosing wonderful meats and fish from the market sellers.

What shall we buy?


A City in the Rain

Walking in a London as the rain comes down. Past shops, pubs, restaurants, taxis, cars – even a red London bus.

How many umberellas can you count?


A Walk in the Park

Escape to this calm park and walk in the shade of the trees, hidden away from the city and listen to the birds in the trees.

How many children can you see?


Walking Along a Beach in the Summer

Don’t forget to wear your hat! Remember it’s always important to drink water on a hot day.

Shall we go for a swim or sit on the sand?


Walking in the Forest

What a lovely day for a picnic.

What should we pack with us?


Walking in the Autumn

So many beautiful colors mark the fall. There’s a lot of yard work that needs doing.

Can you hear the leaves being walked on?


Walking in the Snow

Listen to the soft crunch of snow as we walk through the streets in this Canadian town. Looks like its going to take some time to clear the snow off all those cars!

Can you see the snowman hiding under a tree?